Mobilgrease XHP 222 Helped GPS extend re-greasing interval, decrease bearings temperature by 5°C & save 5316 EGP/Year

GPS, Printing
10th of Ramadan City, Egypt


GPS was using Mobilux EP 2 in bearings lubrication.
Bearings average temperature was 48°C & re-greasing was done every 600 hours, re-greasing quantity was 122.5 KG for each bearing. Bearings were exposed to direct water ingress.
GPS Team aim was to optimize re-greasing quantity used & decrease overall maintenance cost


EL Zahed Lubrication Engineer recommended Mobilgrease XHP 222 with its super resistance to water washout out & spray-off
A trial was conducted to monitor water resistance performance, bearings temperature & optimize re-greasing quantity


Using Mobilgrease XHP 222 helped GPS to double the re-greasing interval & decrease bearings temperature by 5°C

  • Reduce safety hazard & injuries risk by
    decreasing Man-Machine interface by 36 hours/year

  • Eliminating 184.5 Kg/year from used grease quantity will positively impact the environment

GPS Maintanace Engineer ELZahed Lub Engineer
Eng.Ramy Ammar Eng.Mohamed ELMatrawy

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