Zeina POP

DTE 20 Series saves L.E 361726 by saving production downtime losses, lubricant cost*and provides better protection for equipment

Tissue Mill/ Hydraulic Pump
EL Zeina


EL Zeina is using a mineral oil Mobil DTE 25 as a hydraulic oil in the lubrication of hydraulic pump. Previously as per OEM recommendation, the cusotjmer used to drain the oil at 7200 hours.


After conducting several plant surveys by Elzahed Field Engineering team, using signum oil analysis, gathering technical operational data parameters it was agreed to extend the drain interval of the Mobil DTE 25 coupled with the usage of Signum UOA to monitor the oil and equipment condition.


Avoiding production to stop for 4 hrs due to change oil
which saved L.E 86511/y.
Extend the ODI from 7200 to 25800,
which saved L.E. 34064/y.
Reduction of total maintenance costs by saving the spare parts of the
Reduced maintenance and lubrication activities.

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