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Mobiltherm 605 saves L.E. 702896.7 by saving lubricant cost and provides better protection for equipment

Heat Transfer Oil
Hesni Textiles
10th of Ramdan city, EGYPT


Hesni Textiles is using a mineral Mobiltherm 605 as as heat transfer oil in the lubrication of their boiler. The current used oil is running for 43200 hours. By using Signum oil analysis we extend the ODI of the lubricant to 93600 hours .


ExxonMobil engineer recommended solution (Signum oil analysis) Oil analysis is widely recognized as a useful condition monitoring tool. It frequently leads to reduced maintenance and less production downtime.
After using signum oil analysis we can extend the ODI to saving lubricant cost and production downtime losses


Extend the ODI from 43200 hr to 93600 hr
which saved L.E. 58574.725/y in lubricant cost
change all oil sump consumption take: 72 hrs .
If Hesni change the all sump every 6 years it will take 216 hrs /12 year = 18 hrs/year.
In this report we don’t but the productivity downtime saved but if we calculate it will be a big savings

  • Reduced storage, handling, movement of lubes

  • Reduced amount of lubricant package waste generated for disposal
  • Reduced used oil generated for disposal

  • Reduced cost of used oil disposal
  • Reduced volume of oil purchased
  • Increased equipment availability for production

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